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Join our community for hope, healing & resilience.

About Us

Pink Salt Collective was founded in 2019 when Nikki went on medical leave for the first time to understand and get to the root cause of her POTS & migraines (and hopefully 'fix' it). What she discovered was twofold. First, chronic illness is extremely isolating & overwhelming, and she needed support. Second, she discovered that this road to recovery was much longer than she anticipated, and that she wanted to find others along the same ride. She started the Pink Salt Collective instagram as a way to find others with POTS, EDS, CFS/ ME, Fibromyalgia, migraines, dysautonomia and all kinds of other conditions- to share stories, tips & tricks, and to connect. She found that instagram was limited in that she got a great community out of it, but it limited her ability to connect others with each other. So this community was born. 

Why You Should Join Us

Join us to find people who 'get it'. People who say "OMG ME TOO" when you share your weird health thing, rather than not knowing how to react. People who will share what worked and didn't work for them. People who will cheer with you on the good days and sit with you on the bad ones. People who aren't afraid to be real. 

Some Examples of What We Do

Virtual movie nights. Sharing pictures of our pets or plants. Craft nights on zoom where you can sit and talk while you craft, or just sit silently because you want to be near others but don't want to talk. Inspirational posts. Messages of support. 1:1 mentorship matching, whether you're new to a diagnosis or a seasoned vet wanting to help out someone new.


Our services are free at the moment, but we are completely self-funded and self-run. Donations keep us running! 

Donate here: https://ko-fi.com/pinksaltcollective

Thank you! Your donation will go towards website hosting, Zoom subscriptions, programming, product development, & more for the benefit of our members. Any excess will be donated to chronic illness research. 

If you are experiencing issues donating and wish to donate, please email [email protected].